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Please download and fill in a Student Reading Record for each student participating in the Premier's Reading Challenge:

Reception to Year 7

Year 8 to Year 9

Year 10 to Year 12

These students do not need to register for the Challenge. All that is required is that students fill in the appropriate Student Reading Record and send it in to us by the end of September.

Please ensure the date of birth and previous school fields are filled in. This will help match students to any previous participation records and ensure they receive the correct award. This information is not used for any other purpose, and is not made public at any time.

The 'previous school' field relates to the last school at which the student completed the Challenge prior to the current year.

The form can be submitted at any time before 30 September 2017 via email to prc@sa.gov.au.

Or you can post/fax the forms to:

Project Officer, Premier's Challenges
Level 5, Education Centre
31 Flinders St Adelaide
SA 5000

Fax: 8226 2005

Awards will be posted to students in November.

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