Non-Government Schools - Data Entry

Please download and read the instructions carefully before starting.

Please note that the PRC Data Management System has been updated for use on most browsers, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Please print the new Data Entry Fact Sheet for Non-government Schools

Enter Premier's Reading Challenge data here 

During Term 2 - Nominated school contact people will be sent a login and password sent in two separate emails to access the data entry system. 

A BRIEF outline of the instructions is below. Please print the Fact Sheet (above).

  1. Enter total school enrolment numbers - This is the total number of students enrolled at the school in the four age groups, not the number of students who completed the Challenge. 
  2. Enter students section
  3. Enter New Students where required
  4. Print Reports

8 July 2017 - Data Entry opens - enter data any time after this date.

Friday 22 September 2017 - Data entry closes.

You are not required to send anything in to the Project Officer, Premier's Challenges.