School and Library News and Visits 2019

Loxton North Primary School visited by Rosanne Hawke, 4 June 2019

Rosanne Hawke, SA author of the award winning Taj and the Great Camel Trek and many other fascinating books, visited Loxton North Primary School on tuesday 4 June. She said, " I had such a wonderful time at this delightful school of 71 students". 

Rosanne was impressed with their Premier's Reading Board to encourage students to keep going with the Challenge. She said, "When they've read their first 12 books they start again. They're always climbing up and being challenged. They have 5 school learning keys and being persistent is one. Children are encouraged to come in the morning to read in the library."

The school is very well organised with the Challenge, and students self-manage their reading by using a Premier's Reading Challenge folder. 

Rosanne could tell by students' questions and answers that they read a lot and read widely. They love the Premier's Reading Challenge!

Rosanne said, "I found the visit to this amazing school very uplifting".

In the photo you can see Sue Jones from Loxton North Primary School and the Premier's Reading Challenge Board. 


St Aloysius College welcomes Rebecca Morse - Tuesday 4 June 2019

Bec Morse, 10 News First presenter and Premier's Reading Challenge ambassador was completely at home with the year 7 girls of St Aloysius, having 3 daughters of her own. Bec spent time talking about her trek from school to newsreader and said that is was reading that shaped her path. The early days were Enid Blyton, then on to horror with Stephen King and now, she has a fascination for books about decluttering!

Many of the year 7 students at St Aloysius had completed the Challenge, but for those who had not, Bec encouraged them to read and to fill in their forms! At the conclusion of the Q&A, two students were interviewed for the news that night, and spoke of what reading brought to their lives. 

If you are interested in seeing the visit, visit 04-jun-2019 and go to the 39.45 minute mark. 

Thank you to Ms Courtney Kerr for organising the year 7 girls and St Aloysius College.  

Allayne Webster visits North Ingle School

Allayne Webster, author and PRC Ambassador, visited North Ingle School on Wednesday 22 May. The years 4 - 7 were treated to Allayne recounting her youth and how periods of time in the hospital, whilst not fun, gave her time to thing she loved - to read.

Allayne spoke about her inspiration for the books she writes. A Cardboard Palace was inspired by her travel to Paris with her family. A small boy, the age of her own son, tried to pickpocket Allayne's husband and this stayed with her long after she returned home and formed the basis of her novel.

Allayne spoke about a 13 year old boy and two 8 year old girls who were published. She encouraged all students to write their own stories and let their imaginations run wild.

Rejection is something authors need to cope with as their work isn't always accepted immediately. Allayne spoke of JK Rowling and how she continued to polish her work until Harry Potter was finally accepted.

Research is important! If you want your story to sound authentic, then reading broadly will often help make you a better writer.

Allayne also encouraged students to explore publishers' websites, book review blogs and vlogs and to think about the many jobs related to books.

Students asked many questions and discovered that Judy Blume, the US author, was Allayne's inspiration to start writing.

North Ingle's principal, Ms Dina Zunis, and library officer, Ms Mandy Dicker, said that the children had thoroughly enjoyed the visit and that Allayne's message about the importance of reading was timely for their students.

Pinnacle College Golden Grove Welcomes Bec Morse

Premier's Reading Challenge ambassador Rebecca Morse, from 10 News First and Bec and Cosi breakfast radio, visited Pinnacle College Golden Grove campus on Tuesday 14 May. Ms Tuba Cimen invited Bec to the school where 200 reception to year 8 students gathered in the gymnasium to listen to her. 

Bec has her own children who love the Premier's Reading Challenge and reading is a very big part of her life. She read a book to the students in her news presenter voice which held the students captivated. It led to many questions such as why Bec needed to be so serious. She explained that many stories needed to have a serious voice. 

Having been a news presenter for 13 years, Bec loves reading and when asked about her favourite type of reading, she said that one of her favourite books was Captain Corelli's Mandolin

The students at Pinnacle were especially curious and asked great questions. Bec interviewed a number of students and later that day, those at Pinnacle College saw themselves on Chanel 10 news. 

To see and hear what happened at the school, you can visit the Chanel 10 news website and watch 14 May (start at the 15.48 mark): 14-may-2019  

East Marden Primary School Welcomes Mem Fox

Ms Tsam Georgoudis from Esat Marden Primary School arranged for a Premier's Reading Challenge ambassador visit. This is how the visit was reported in the EMPS newsletter: 

"On Wednesday the 10th April, we had a very special visitor at our school, the one and only Mem Fox. 

Several classes were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to listen to Mem read some of her well-known titles such as Where is the Green Sheep?, Koala Lou and lots more. Mem spoke with the students about the background of each story and how she came about writing each of these fabulous, well-loved books. In particular the story about Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge, which is based on her own family. Staff and students alike were mesmerised with her storytelling and her dynamic personality. Thank you, Mem.

Mem emphasised the importance of reading and in particular, our school's participation in the Premier's Reading Challenge, which in the last couple of years, has increased significantly. 

This year we are aiming as a whole school to have 100% student participation! We haev until the 6th of September to complete our Challenge, so EMPS let's do it!" 

Sue Harris at Antonio Catholic College

Students from Antonio Catholic College in Morphett Vale are keen Premier's Reading Challenge participants. In fact, last year 181 (82%) students completed the Challenge and it looks like the school is on target for another great year.

Tania di Lernia, Leader of Learning and Inclusive Education at Antonio Catholic College, welcomed Sue Harris to her school on Friday 17 May. The 200 or so R-6 students and many parents enjoyed Sue's performance with her beautiful puppets. Sue explained the importance of reading to her and left the school with a series of books on puppetry. She encouraged those students who had already completed the Challenge to support others who had not yet finished. Students at Antonio were enthusiastic and very attentive, especially when Sue showed her tiny puppets.

PRC Banner Display at North Ingle School

Mandy, the PRC coordinator at North Ingle School, has put together this simple yet amazing display in the library at North Ingle School and Preschool. It is complemented by the PRC banner which they borrowed for a week.

Banners are available to borrow for a week at a time, and can be booked by submitting the Banner Booking Request form.  

Sue Harris at LIttlehampton Primary School

Sue Harris is one of South Australia's premier Puppeteers. Her original and imaginative work has brought the joy of puppets and storytelling to children and adults throughout South Australia. As a puppeteer, she reads many reference books. Craft books, magic books, history books, books about other cultures; and a dictionary and thesaurus are her greatest friends.

As a storyteller, besides writing her own stories, she reads myths and legends, classic tales, and hundreds of short stories and poems written by other people.

While sharing with students why reading is important, Sue demonstrated how puppets can be brought to life and showed students how even a simple newspaper can create a wonderful puppet. Sue believes that reading, caring about the environment, caring about each other and about ourselves are the most important things in life. She always carries a pen and notebook everywhere she goes to jot down ideas. "People often tell me about interesting books and authors and I write them all down so I don't miss reading something really great."

Sue inspired students to come to the library to find the right book for their tastes, keep reading and aim to reach their goal of completing the Premier's Reading Challenge.

Barb O'Connor
Teacher Librarian