Student Reading Records

Student Reading Records are in 'word' format.

You can print them as usual and fill one out manually for each student participating in the challenge.

There is also a version which can be downloaded and used electronically. You can save the file to your computer and fill it out as you read each book, then print it off for signing by your parent/guardian/teacher/librarian.

If you are at a non-Government school, please ensure you fill in your date of birth and the school at which you last completed the Challenge on your Student Reading Records. This will help with matching your records to your previous participation records and ensure you receive the correct award. (Please note that this information is not used for any other purpose and will not be made public at any time).

If you are completing the Challenge as an individual or home schooled student, please download a Student Reading Record from the Home Education/Individual Students page.

Student Reading Records for Schools

Please read this notice RE the transition of Year 7 to High School and download the appropriate forms for your site below.

These forms can be used to save your student reading records electronically. Please make sure you save the file to your computer before making any changes.

Please also remember to back up the files to a CD or USB.

Students receiving a Hall of Fame medal will need their Student Reading Record printed out in order to get parental consent for their name to appear on the Hall of Fame Honour Roll.

Please be sure to save these files to your computer before making any changes.

Please note that each form is now double sided, as the Guidelines are printed on the back for your convenience. 

Student Reading Record 2020 Reception to Year 7

NEW - Student Reading Record Reception to Year 6

NEW - Student Reading Record Year 7 to Year 9 

Student Reading Record 2020 Year 8 to Year 9

Student Reading Record 2020  Year 10 to Year 12