Jared Thomas

Fact File

The best thing about my job:
As a novelist, I get to travel the world, attending writer's festivals and meeting with a lot of interesting people. So far, my writing has taken me to Africa, America, Canada, France, India, Indonesia, Jamaica and Scotland.

My favourite food:
I love seafood, especially those from the Spencer Gulf, such as prawns and snapper.

My dream car:
Something to go surfing in like a Toyota 4WD or new style VW van would be great.

My worst injury:
I broke my ankle in four places in 2017.

My favourite colours:
Blue, aqua and yellow.

My favourite movie:
The Rocky series. I watched those when I was a kid and as an adult I still find the fictionalised character of Rocky inspirational.

My hero and why:
My hero is a Jamaican writer called Olive Senior who is now in her seventies. Olive has spent her life as a very independent woman who uses her knowledge and skills to write terrific stories about life in Jamaica. I find Olive inspiring as both a writer and a person.

My favourite possessions:
My guitar and gifts made by my daughters.

If I wasn't doing my current job, I would like to be:
A horticulturalist or farmer.

The most important things in life:
Exercise, healthy food, sleep and time with family and friends.

My Ambassador reading tip:
Just like you can train to be a better sports person, you can train to become a better, stronger reader. The more you read, the easier and more pleasurable it becomes.

Any other information:
One of my writing highlights so far was writing the "Game Day" series with San Antonio Spurs and Olympian basketballer Patty Mills.