Links to Other Literacy/Numeracy Programs and Organisations

The Premier's Reading Challenge encourages students to enjoy reading and to improve literacy levels and promotes other initiatives that contribute to these aims.

Australian Literacy Educators' Association (ALEA) resources

Australian Curriculum (ACARA)

Children's Book Council

Family Reading Partnership

Great Start website

Let's Read: Smith Family initiative supporting parents reading to children

NSW parent materials: Literacy and numeracy - videos, flyers, pdfs of resources for parents

Novita Childrens' Services

Premier's be active Challenge

Public Libraries

Queensland education site for parents

Royal Society for the Blind (RSB)


SERU (Special Education Resource Unit)

Speech Pathology

SPELD SA (SPEcific Learning Difficulties SA)

Students with disabilities

The Little Big Book Club

The Smith Family

Travelling Tales 

Windmill Theatre


Be their reading legend.

Reading just 10 minutes each day makes a difference.

Research confirms reading to children just 10 minutes each day strengthens literacy, models positive reading behaviour, and builds children's self esteem about reading (especially for boys). Dads Read encourages fathers to invest in their child's future by choosing to read to them each day.

Read more about the Dads Read campaign on the Libraries SA website.

Great Start website

The GreatStart website has been developed to support families with ideas and activities to help make the most of everyday learning and events, especially important in the first five years of their life:  

‘We know families are busy so we have ideas for activities that you are already doing, ideas that may be new and will only take a few minutes and others that will take longer. We have also included extra information for you if want to learn more about the literacy and numeracy that your child will be developing and how this will link to learning in later life.

We will continue to add new ideas and activities, including ideas to connect to particular events or occasions.  We are also keen to hear from you on the site; how you went, what worked or other ideas that we can share with other families.'