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Please note: the content you are providing will be published on the web which is a public domain. Only legitimate, well-thought out responses will be considered for publishing. 

You are challenged to Rate-a-Read so that other students can see what you thought of the book. Instead of just talking about books with your friends you have the opportunity to have your Rate-a-Read published on the Premier's Reading Challenge website. Moderated reviews will be published displaying first/nicknames only.

The student who enters the best quality Rate-a-Read from February to August (with contact details) will receive a book prize from the Premier's Reading Challenge. His or her review will be published on the website with only first name, school and reading group level.

Please note that no surnames in regards to Rate-a-Read reviews will be published on the website.


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(information contained on this list includes the winner's first name or nickname, reading group level and book details)

February Winner 2017 -

March Winner 2017 -

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