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PRC Booklist Update 

Thank you for your patience and understanding whilst we work hard to get the booklists updated for 2017. Due to some techinical difficulties, there has been a slight delay; but we hope to get all the lists updated and published by the end of week 2. In the meantime, no books have been removed from last year's lists, so they are still valid.   

2017 Registrations 

School registrations will be rolled over during week 1 of term 1, 2017, at which point the current school contact people will receive an email asking them to contact us if the contact details for the school have changed.

Contact people can download a note for their school newsletter to advise families of the school's participation in the Challenge.  

Students intending to participate in the Challenge from home can download a Home Education and Individual Students reading record and begin filling it in as of the 30th of January.  

 2016 Premier's Reception

 The 2016 Premier's Reception was a huge success, with a performance by Humphrey B. Bear and Janeen Brian, reading "I'm a Hungry Dinosaur", and Mem Fox gave an inspiring performance of her book, "Ducks Away!".

As usual, 55 schools with remarkable achievement in the Challenge last year were invited to attend, and we woudl iek to wish a huge congratulations to these 265 schools who continued their Outstanding Achievement in 2016.

You can download and view a powerpoint of some of the photos taken on the day, including the presentation photos of the school representatives in attendance.  

Mem Fox has a ball at Forbes Primary School

See the video of Mem reading to the students at Forbes Primary School on the DECD Facebook page.

Annual Report 2015

The Premier's Reading Challenge Annual Report is now available for viewing.  

Key Dates for 2017

The Key Dates for 2017 are now available to download. 

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